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Kim Jong Il Inspects Chemical Complex
Pyongyang, November 6 (KCNA) -- General Secretary Kim Jong Il provided field guidance to the February 8 Vinalon Complex and the gasification process construction site of the Hungnam Fertilizer Complex.

The first leg of his guidance was the February 8 Vinalon Complex.

After being briefed on the complex before a map on its production, he looked round the dyes and agricultural chemicals produced at the newly-built production processes for hours to acquaint himself in detail with the construction and production there.

Looking at the processes equipped with ultra-modern facilities and varieties of quality chemical products turned out there, he expressed great satisfaction over the fact that the officials, workers and technicians of the complex have successfully completed the huge project equivalent to the construction of a big factory by their own efforts and with their own technology in a short span of time.

It is something miraculous that the workers of the complex have built such a great new district for the production of dyes and agricultural chemicals fully meeting the need of the IT age, while keeping the production going at a high rate at the complex, he said.

He highly praised and thanked them for having built such a great structure by displaying patriotic devotion.

The workers of the complex have radically changed its appearance as required by the new century even under the hard conditions where everything was in short supply by fully displaying the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and fortitude in hearty response to the slogan "When the Party is determined, we can do anything!" and thus made it possible to more strikingly demonstrate the might of the Juche-oriented industry, he noted. He added that such signal success clearly proves the inexhaustible mental power of the Korean people ready to flatten at one go even a high mountain, when required by the party to do so.

Saying that the complex has a very important position and role in developing the nation's economy, he advanced the tasks to be fulfilled by the complex.

If the second phase reconstruction project is completed at the complex, it will have all processes for turning out varieties of products by use of vinalon intermediate products to bring about a radical turn in the chemical industry, he said, indicating an orientation and ways to do so.

The next leg of his guidance was the gasification process construction site of the Hungnam Fertilizer Complex.

After being briefed on the process before a map on the gasification process construction, he went round the site to learn in detail about the progress made in the project.

Expressing great satisfaction over the fact that the workers and builders of the complex have successfully pushed forward the huge construction project, he highly estimated the successes made in their drive to build the nation's structure of eternal value.

The gasification process of the complex is of weighty importance in boosting the fertilizer production, he noted, setting forth the tasks to be fulfilled to wind up the project earlier than scheduled.

Noting that the production of ammonia through gasification is the most profitable Juche-based method of producing fertilizers, entirely depending on locally available raw resources while consuming less electricity, he called for focusing all efforts on the project to dynamically push ahead with it.

He underscored the need to complete the above-said project in a brief span of time in order to increase the fertilizer production. He showed such great care as unraveling knotty problems on the spot.

He was accompanied by Thae Jong Su, chief secretary of the South Hamgyong Provincial Committee of the WPK, Secretary Kim Ki Nam and Department Directors Pak Nam Gi and Jang Song Thaek of the WPK Central Committee.

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