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April Actions Declared in S. Korea Struggle
Pyongyang, April 21 (KCNA) -- The Information Department of the C.C., the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front made public a declaration on April actions on Monday.

It is more than half a century since the April popular uprising which brought down the pro-U.S. dictatorial "government" of Syngman Rhee without the use of any weapons and dealt a heavy blow at the U.S. colonial rule, the wishes of the uprisers have not yet come true, the declaration noted, and went on:

The prevailing situation urgently requires all the people desirous of democracy, peace and reunified country to rise up in an all-out struggle against the pro-U.S. conservative group.

It called for decisively frustrating the sycophancy, treachery and war moves of the pro-U.S. conservative group and bringing down the "government" which has pursued confrontation with compatriots, pushing the south-north relations to catastrophe.

Calling for all-out actions for democracy against fascism, the declaration went on:

The "Grand National Party" is now busy with the "march for winning people's mindset" and the coloring offensive against political opponents with the approach of the April 27 by-elections. It is getting hectic traveling south Korea far and wide to cheat people in a bid to lay a springboard favorable for the "general elections" and the "presidential elections" to be held next year.

Let us make all the areas and places where people gather into platforms denouncing the crimes of the conservative group!

Let us all bravely turn out once again in the same plaza for resistance as the courageous participants in the April 19 uprising did to launch a fiercer struggle to wipe out the ultra-right pro-U.S. conservative group, the enemy of independence, democracy and reunification and rubbish of history, to bring about a signal turning phase of progress, reforms, peace and reunification of the country!

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