April 21. 2011 Juche 100
Kim Jong Il Gives Field Guidance to Hyesan Youth Mine
Kim Jong Il Sends Congratulatory Message to Raul Castro Ruz
Inhabitants of DPRK Interviewed after Their Repatriation from South
Kim Yong Nam Receives Credentials from Nicaraguan Ambassador
Pak Ui Chun Meets New Nicaraguan Ambassador
Talks between Delegations of WPK and Mongolian People's Party Held
Autographic Letter from Chaiarman of Mongolian People's Party
Gift from Mongolian Party Leader
Mongolian Party Delegation Pays Homage to Kim Il Sung
Iranian Ambassador Hosts Reception
Floral Basket from Singaporean Delegation
Kim Jong Il Receives Gifts from Personages of Italy and Syria
Wreaths Laid before Statue of Kang Pan Sok and Her Grave
Meeting Marks Anniversary of Torchlight Lit for Model Machine Movement
National Exhibition of Medical Appliances Held
DPRK Draws Many Tourists
Chilgol Revolutionary Site
KCNA Commentary on S. Korean Authorities' Poor Position
April Actions Declared in S. Korea Struggle
US Censured for Deteriorating Situation on Korean Peninsula
S. Korean Puppet Police's Human Rights Abuses Denounced
Resignation of Puppet Minister of Unification Urged in S. Korea
Relentless Actions for Abrogation of NSL Called for
Radioactive Substance Detected in Whole of S. Korea
Kimilsungia Show Opens in Indonesia
Three Commanders of Mt. Paektu Awarded in Ecuador
Kim Jong Il's Songun Politics Praised by British Organizations
Kim Il Sung's Birth Anniversary Commemorated in Peru
DPRK's Greatest Holidays Commemorated in Malta and Syria
Birth Anniversary of Kim Il Sung Commemorated
Kim Il Sung's Birth Anniversary Commemorated
Kim Il Sung's Work off Press in Germany
China Takes Step to Intensify Training of Military Talents
China Intensifies Campaigns against Illegal Actions
Chinese Newspaper on DPRK's Environment Protection
GPD of CPLA Issues Notice
Russian President Calls for Intensified Anti-drug Struggle
State Duma of Russia Rejects Request of Parliament of EC
6th Congress of Communist Party of Cuba Closes
Quakes Jolt Australia and New Zealand
Iran to Rank Itself among Nuclear Fuel Rod Producers
Military Parade Held in Iran
Terrorism in Belarus under Fire
Airliner Collision in US

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Jong Il dirige el Complejo Siderúrgico Kim Chaek
Kim Jong Il dirige el Combinado de Alimentos de Susongchon
Habitantes norcoreanos revelan secuestro forzoso por Sur de Corea
Acto por el 50º del movimiento de creación de maquina ejemplar
Conversaciones entre delegaciones del PTC y del PPM
Turismo de Corea en animación

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