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Many Literary Works Published in DPRK
Pyongyang, January 10 (KCNA) -- The Korean revolution has dynamically advanced under the wise guidance of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un for the past one decade and, in the course, a new chapter was opened in the creation of novels depicting the leader.

Full-length novels, parts of the cycle of novel "Immortal Milestones", and collections of short stories dealing with the sacred milestones of devoted service of the General Secretary for the people's well-being were brought out to help all the people further deeply understand his greatness through impressive artistic depiction.

The full-length novel "Regeneration" profoundly reflects his idea of bringing about a radical improvement in education in the new century and proves its truthfulness, originality and vitality in an artistic way.

The full-length novel "Green Earth" deals with the fact that the General Secretary led a gigantic creative struggle for the people while teaching officials to deeply grasp the idea of devoted service for the people's well-being and thoroughly embody it.

"Korean Literature", "Youth Literature" and other publications have carried every month short stories depicting the blood relationship between the General Secretary and the people.

After the publication of the first collection of short stories depicting his personality as a great man, many collections of literary works including "Dawn" have come out one after another.

Among them is a collection of short stories "Great Joy in Springtime", which gives a deep impression to the readers as it truthfully depicted the noble traits of the General Secretary taking warm care of all children in the country.

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