January 10. 2023 Juche 112
First-Term Winter Camping Begins at Songdowon Int'l Children's Camp
Farming Operation Intensified to Cope with Disastrous Abnormal Weather
Efforts Concentrated on Raising Generating Efficiency
Electricity Output Goes up in DPRK
Anniversary of Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un's Election as General Secretary of WPK Marked
Idea of Plenary Meeting of WPK Central Committee Deeply Studied in DPRK
Many Literary Works Published in DPRK
Socio-Political Activities by University Students Brisk in DPRK
WPK Is Juche-type Revolutionary Party Adhering to Its Founding Idea
Social Customs of Helping and Leading Each Other Forward Fully Displayed in DPRK
Proud Tradition of Patriotic Movement
Reality of DPRK Lauded by Foreign Personages

For Spanish-speaking People
Iniciado campismo invernal en Songdowon
Funcionarios del sector agricola toman medidas previas frente a meteoros anormales
Estudiantes coreanos realizan muchas actividades sociopoliticas

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