calendar>>January 10. 2023 Juche 112
Farming Operation Intensified to Cope with Disastrous Abnormal Weather
Pyongyang, January 10 (KCNA) -- Officials in the agricultural sector of the DPRK strive to work out an operation plan and take pre-emptive sci-tech steps to cope with disastrous abnormal weather that will hit the country after making it a fait accompli.

Officials of the agricultural guidance organs in every province set it as one of the basic ways for accomplishing this year's grain production plan to establish scientific agricultural system and method under the disastrous abnormal weather and pay attention to it.

North Phyongan Province gives priority to the work for selecting high-yielding grain strains suited to the topographical and climatic conditions with strong resistance to drought, flood, high and low temperature and diseases, and strains with short growth period.

South Phyongan Province has set high goals for improvement of fertility of soil according to land conditions, mindful that bettering the soil fertility is a way for increasing the yield even under unfavorable weather.

South Hwanghae Province has taken measures to turn dry fields into paddy ones, while providing irrigation water to the water-deficient areas and creating favorable conditions for rice farming.

Similar steps are being taken in South Hamgyong Province and Kangwon Province, too.

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