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Social Customs of Helping and Leading Each Other Forward Fully Displayed in DPRK
Pyongyang, January 10 (KCNA) -- It is a social and national custom in the DPRK that the people help and lead each other forward and dedicate themselves to the collective, comrades and neighbors.

Many people have taken warm care of war veterans, old people without their own flesh and blood and orphans and devoted their blood to reviving patients in critical conditions.

In the maximum emergency anti-epidemic period last year, fine traits were displayed among citizens from all walks of life. Medicines and foodstuffs were offered to those suffering from the malignant epidemic, sincerely-prepared supplies to hostels, dormitories, baby homes and orphanages and food, subsidiary foodstuffs and necessities to the families and neighbors in difficult condition.

Such a world of virtues is a beautiful picture showing the harmony and human ties of the Korean society.

This way of life is not rooted in the ancestral customs and manners and it is also not a deed displayed when everything is in abundant supply.

It is deeply rooted in the mind of loyalty and patriotism that the DPRK will grow stronger when the benevolence and affection of loving each other brim in the large family of socialism having the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un as its father.

No people in the world are as strong and great as the DPRK people who regard virtues and traits as their national customs.

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