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Proud Tradition of Patriotic Movement
Pyongyang, January 10 (KCNA) -- The Sixth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea stressed the need to actively organize and properly lead a socialist patriotic movement, revolutionary mass movement - a powerful driving force for the prosperity and development of the state.

It is a proud tradition of the Korean people that they have dynamically conducted various socialist patriotic movements and revolutionary mass movements out of ardent patriotism.

The general ideological mobilization movement for nation building, the first mass movement in our country initiated by President Kim Il Sung after the liberation of Korea, was a great patriotic movement that burned up all the remnants of the decades-long Japanese imperialists' colonial rule and aroused the people to the building of a new society by remolding their thinking.

The working people kindled the flames of increased production by applying the President's nation-building idea to the implementation of their revolutionary tasks.

The workers of Jongju locomotive section in the field of railway transport raised the torch of a patriotic drive for increased production to put the railway service on a normal basis.

The President made sure that the creative and patriotic movement by the railway employees of Jongju was named the "Kim Hoe Il Movement" after the pioneer of the movement. This movement developed into a mass movement for increased production.

Meanwhile, the peasants waged a patriotic campaign to donate rice to the country to solve the country's difficult food problem.

And various other campaigns, including the anti-illiteracy campaign, were performed to contribute to laying the foundation for building a new country.

During the Fatherland Liberation War, the aircraft-hunting team movement, the tank-hunting team movement and the My Height movement were launched by the soldiers of the Korean People's Army, while the flames of all-people patriotic movements such as the movement for donating funds for weaponry and the plow-woman movement were kindled in the rear to significantly contribute to the victory in the war.

In the periods of the postwar great Chollima upswing and the overall socialist construction, such mass movements as the Chollima Movement and the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement were staged. Then, the 80s and 90s speed movements were vigorously performed and, as a result, the DPRK could emerge a socialist state independent in politics, self-supporting in the economy and self-reliant in national defence and great changes were made in the ideological, technical and cultural fields.

Along with the numerous patriotic movements which were staged through decades and centuries, the national power of the country has grown stronger and the advancing speed of the Korean revolution has remarkably increased, thus ushering in a new history of miracle and prosperity in the country.

The Korean people are dynamically speeding up the advance in the new year to glorify this year as a year of great turn and change to be notably recorded in the course of the Republic's development by launching an active socialist patriotic movement and mass movement.

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