March 20. 2023 Juche 112
Nuclear Counterattack Simulation Drill Conducted in DPRK
DPRK Premier Inspects North and South Hwanghae Provinces
Enlarged Plenary Meetings of Pyongyang City and Provincial Committees of WPK Held
More Korean Young People Volunteer to Join and Rejoin Army
Kangso Mineral Water Factory Marks Its Founding Anniversary
Sowing Rice Seeds in Beds in Full Swing in DPRK
Atmosphere to Help Rural Areas Revved up
Kim Chaek University of Technology Develops Wind Power Generation System
Efforts Paid to Improving Scientific Accuracy of Weather Forecast

For Spanish-speaking People
Efectuados ejercicios virtuales tacticos combinados de contraataque nuclear
Kim Tok Hun supervisa el sector agricola de ambas provincias de Hwanghae
Sesionadas reuniones ampliadas de plenos de comites partidistas de Pyongyang y provincias
Llega a más de un millón 400 mil el número de jóvenes solicitantes del servicio militar

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