May 15. 2023 Juche 112
Japan's Military Collusion with NATO under Fire
People Move into New Houses in Rural Areas of DPRK
Women's Union Organizations Actively Support Farms in DPRK
Mass Movement for Full-capacity Tractor Operation Waged in DPRK
Field Medical Service Conducted at Hwangju-Kindung Waterway Project Site
Ryongsong Machine Complex Pushes ahead with Production of Custom-built Equipment
Sapho Stocking Office Releases Salmon Fries into Rivers

For Spanish-speaking People
Investigadora del Instituto para Japon del MINREX critica la confabulacion militar entre Japon y OTAN
Continuan mudanzas en poblados rurales de Corea
Sucursales de la USMC se destacan en la ayuda al campo socialista
Gremiales de la UTAC inician movimiento masivo para el mantenimiento de tractor

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