May 22. 2023 Juche 112
Inauguration Ceremony of Dwelling Houses in Taephyong Area
Ministries and National Institutions Actively Support Agricultural Front
Efforts Paid to Prevent Damage from Disastrous Abnormal Weather
Successes Achieved in Embankment Project for Sokhwa Tideland Reclamation
More than 9.8 Million Trees Planted in Cyclic Felling Areas and Treeless Places
Universities in DPRK Put Spurs to Remodeling Educational Structure
Protection of Biodiversity Brisk in DPRK
Public Campaign for Judging Traitor Yoon Suk Yeol Continued in Areas of Puppets

For Spanish-speaking People
Tiene lugar la inauguracion de viviendas de la zona de Taephyong
Ministerios y organos centrales brindan activa ayuda al campo
Se intensifica en Corea la campana preventiva frente a desastres naturales
Avanzan en la obra de dique del polder de Sokhwa

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