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Battalions of Party Members Organized to Aid Rural Construction in Ryanggang Province, DPRK
Pyongyang, July 11 (KCNA) -- The Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, which set it as an important revolutionary task for the prosperity and development of the country and the promotion of the people’s well-being to renovate the countryside in a revolutionary way, called on the whole country to actively help the rural construction in Ryanggang Province and entrusted the task to the Party members, the core of the revolution and vanguard fighters.

Battalions of Party members were organized in Pyongyang Municipality and provinces, reflecting the single-minded loyalty and patriotic desire of all the Party members to live up to the trust and expectation by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

Oath-taking meetings of commanding officers and members of the battalions of Party members took place from July 6 to 10.

Reports were made at the meetings attended by senior officials of Party and power organs and commanding officers and members of the battalions of relevant areas.

The reporters said that the support by the entire Party to the construction of rural dwelling houses in Ryanggang Province marks an important occasion in achieving the comprehensive development and overall prosperity of Korean-style socialism and giving full play to the collectivist spirit of helping and leading each other forward, the traditional traits of the Workers' Party of Korea.

They called upon all the commanding officers and members of the battalions to fulfill the oath they made before the Party flags through strenuous practice, not by words, and become the inexhaustible source of power make the construction sites seethe with revolutionary ardor and enthusiasm for struggle, and become the standard-bearers in the onward movement for implementing the programme for the rural revolution in the new era.

Speeches were made at the meetings.

The participants renewed their pledge to turn Ryanggang Province full of eternal treasures of the revolution into a paradise where the people enjoy all blessings to the full and thus make a report of victory to the Party Central Committee.

At the end of the meetings, the battalions left for the spot, fully displaying the patriotic loyalty and high spirit of all the Party members.

Officials, Party members and other working people in the relevant areas saw off along streets the battalions leaving for the rural construction sites at the foot of Mt Paektu.

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