July 11. 2023 Juche 112
Press Statement of Kim Yo Jong, Vice Department Director of C.C., WPK
Press Statement of Foreign Minister of DPRK
Brisk Collective Emulation for Farming of First Crops
Battalions of Party Members Organized to Aid Rural Construction in Ryanggang Province, DPRK
Mass Movements during Fatherland Liberation War
13-storied Octagonal Pagoda at Pohyon Temple
DPRK-China Friendship Will Be Eternal: Rodong Sinmun
Region of Puppets See Widespread Public Struggle to Oust Traitor Yoon Suk Yeol
President Kim Il Sung Highly Praised by Bangladeshi Figure

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Yo Jong vuelve a advertir sobre la intrusion aerea de EE.UU.
Canciller coreana critica la decision de EE.UU. de enviar arma mortifera a Ucrania
Rodong Sinmun resalta el caracter eterno de la amistad Corea-China
Prosigue la lucha anti-Yoon Suk Yeol junto con la accion para frenar la descarga de aguas contaminadas por Japon

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