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Press Statement of Foreign Minister of DPRK
Pyongyang, July 11 (KCNA) -- Choe Son Hui, foreign minister of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, released the following press statement on Tuesday:

The U.S., which has finally plunged the security of the European continent into a crisis of war through NATO's illegal ever-escalating eastward expansion, is going to perpetrate an unethical crime imperiling even innocent peaceable citizens.

On July 7 the U.S. president announced a decision to offer cluster ammunitions to Ukraine, sparking off serious international uproar.

As cluster bombs are recognized as very dangerous WMD, their use is internationally banned. Even now the damage by the cluster ammunitions dropped by the U.S. forces is unabated across the world.

The U.S. has made a very dangerous choice by deciding to offer such lethal weapons to Ukraine, which brings to light once again its true colors as destroyer of peace regarding aggression and massacre as its national policy and mode of existence.

No wonder, even the UN secretary general expressed his opposition to the U.S. choice immediately, and the international community is getting increasingly vocal in its criticism of it.

The U.S. president said that the recent step was a "difficult decision."

This clearly shows once again before the world the impudent behavior of the U.S., a top-class war criminal nation and WMD proliferater, which never cares about the lives of peaceable citizens if it is to maintain its hegemony, although it is well aware of the terrible consequences to be brought by the transfer of cluster ammunitions.

The U.S. will have to face utterly disastrous consequences if it finally allows the transfer of WMD to be used in the Ukrainian war, which even its vassal countries hesitate to do.

The situation goes to clearly prove that the U.S. is the chief culprit of intentionally prolonging the Ukrainian crisis and the "deadly enemy of mankind" disturbing global peace and security.

Upon authorization, I, on behalf of the DPRK government, vehemently denounce the U.S. decision to offer WMD to Ukraine as a dangerous criminal act to bring a new calamity to the world, and strongly demand the U.S. withdraw the decision immediately.

The recent decision of the U.S. can never dampen the indomitable spirit of the Russian army to defend the dignity and sovereignty of the country but will only result in further hardening the anti-U.S. will of the Russian people.

The DPRK government and all the Korean people extend firm support and solidarity to the just cause of the Russian people once again, convinced that Russia will boldly weather all trials and difficulties and surely achieve the final victory.

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