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Chollima Tile Factory
Pyongyang, August 2 (KCNA) -- The Chollima Tile Factory in the DPRK is a leading building-materials producer.

It produces quality finishing building materials like tiles.

The factory broke the highest production record for the last two years and set it as a goal to double the tile production capacity this year, which is of key importance in the implementation of the five-year plan.

Thanks to the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un who guided the factory to leap higher in the spirit of Chollima and take the lead in the struggle for ushering in a great golden age of construction, the factory has turned into a model factory of self-reliance and a patriotic factory well-known to the whole country.

In August Juche 103 (2014), the General Secretary visited the factory despite the sweltering weather and named it "Chollima Tile Factory". Going round different parts of the factory, he highly praised it as a Juche-based and patriotic, wonderful and useful factory.

Stressing the importance of its duty and role in ushering in a fresh golden age of construction and building the world-level fine structures, he called on the factory to fully meet the domestic demand for tiles, further improve their quality and direct steady efforts to the work for making multicolored and diversified tiles and developing new products for various purposes.

After his field guidance, officials and workers of the factory remarkably augmented the production potential by building a tile-production line with a large capacity and conducting a dynamic mass technological innovation movement.

Its employees are now putting spurs to the development and production of all kinds of quality tiles and practical finishing building materials in a larger quantity as demanded by modern architecture.

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