August 2. 2023 Juche 112
Press Statement by Spokesman for Korea Association for Human Rights Studies
Provocation to Be Surely Made to Pay
Grand Performance for Celebrating 70th V-Day Goes on
Technical Course in Field of Dairy Goods Production Held in DPRK
National Sci-tech Presentation in Field of Illumination Engineering Held
Soccer Tournament for Hwaebul (Torch) Cup Begins
2023 Sports Contest of Disabled Persons and Amateurs Opens in DPRK
Brisk Agitation Campaign in DPRK
Socialist Patriotic Movement Brisk in DPRK
Farm Machine Sector Upgraded in DPRK
Technical Guidance Intensified to Cope with Changes of Weather
Progress Made in Production of Consumer Goods
Electricity Output Goes Up in DPRK
Chollima Tile Factory
Rodong Sinmun on Popular Character of WPK's Policies Seen through Housing Construction
Rallies and Demos Launched in Region of South Korean Puppets

For Spanish-speaking People
Vocero de AEDHC publica declaracion
Investigador de Asociacion Corea-Europa advierte a Francia
Continua gran funcion dedicada al aniversario 70 de victoria en la guerra
Efectuado el cursillo tecnico nacional de la rama de produccion de lacticinios

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