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Many Women Advance into Worksites for Socialist Construction
Pyongyang, January 31 (KCNA) -- Many women in South Phyongan and Ryanggang provinces of the DPRK have advanced into economic theaters seething with the struggle to implement the Party's resolutions, out of the mind to glorify their true life as women workers in the revolutionary advance for the overall development of socialism.

A large number of women in South Phyongan Province volunteered to work in various economic sectors in the province.

Women's union members in Tukjang and Kalgol workers' districts of Pukchang County, Jik-dong and Pongu-dong of Sunchon City and Alil-dong and Sonmu-dong of Kaechon City advanced into to worksites in the sectors of coal and chemical industries.

Among the ranks of patriots determined to defend the Party and the revolution and the socialist system with grain production are women in Phyongsong and Anju cities, Phyongwon and Taedong counties, etc.

Women in Sukchon, Jungsan, Unsan, Sinyang, Hoechang and Songchon counties and other areas are working hard at thermal power plants, mines, machine factories, salterns, fishery stations, etc.

Women in Ryanggang Province have more actively advanced into society.

Those in Kapsan County volunteered to work at farms. And women's union members in Hyesan City and Samsu County began working at the Hyesan School Uniform Factory and other units, out of their mind to uphold with pure conscience and moral obligation the idea of the Party regarding the work for the younger generation as the most important state affair.

Women in Phungso and Pochon counties expressed their determination to work in theaters seething with the creation of rural civilization.

Officials and working people in the said areas congratulated and encouraged those women volunteers.

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