January 31. 2024 Juche 113
Launching-Drill of Strategic Cruise Missile Conducted
DPRK-China Protocol on Sports Exchange for 2024 Signed
2024 DPRK-China Friendship Film Show Held
2nd People's Art Festival to Be Held to Mark Day of Shining Star
Meeting for Reviewing 2023 Socialist Emulation in Fruit Farming
Many Women Advance into Worksites for Socialist Construction
Exhibition of Motivational Means Held at Housing Construction Site in Hwasong Area
Efforts Concentrated on Multilingual Education
Timber-Production Plan for January Carried out in DPRK
Kumsanpho Fish Pickling Factory Associated with Paternal Love for People

For Spanish-speaking People
Informacion del EMG del EPC sobre el ejercicio de lanzamiento de misil crucero estrategico
Firmado protocolo sobre el intercambio deportivo Corea-China de 2024
Efectuada la proyeccion filmica de amistad Corea-China de 2024
Tiene lugar la reunion de balance de emulacion socialista de la rama fruticola

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