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Kumsanpho Fish Pickling Factory Associated with Paternal Love for People
Pyongyang, January 31 (KCNA) -- Kumsanpho, located at a west sea port of the DPRK, is a place where tasty and nutritious processed fish pickles are produced.

Tiny shrimp, anchovy, shellfish and other fishes are pickled and processed there. And this is associated with the paternal loving care of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un for the people.

The General Secretary initiated the construction of a modern factory at Kumsanpho industrially producing processed fish pickles to improve the people's diet, and personally set its site.

He indicated detailed ways, took all necessary measures for the construction and even named the factory.

One day in January Juche 106 (2017), he visited the completed Kumsanpho Fish Pickling Factory. During his visit, he stressed the need to make fish pickles with not only tiny shrimp but also shellfish, anchovy, sand eel and others. He also called for taking relevant measures after learning in detail about what kind of fish pickles can be produced with marine resources available in the West Sea in each season.

He advised the factory officials to produce a variety of shrimp pickles with different salinity and spicy flavors to meet everyone's tastes. He also gave an instruction to properly fix the price of processed fish pickles.

The products from the factory are distributed to the Kumsanpho specialty shops and stalls across the country to serve the people in all seasons, conveying the great love of the General Secretary to the people.

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