February 5. 2023 Juche 112
General Bureau of Tanchon Area Mining Industry Fulfills Its January Plan
Material and Technical Foundations for Power Production Growth Strengthened
Ryongsong Machine Complex Strives to Produce Custom-built Equipment
Efforts Focused on Production of Prop Timbers
President Kim Il Sung Publishes Many Works on Building Juche-oriented Revolutionary Armed Forces
"A Match-for-a-Hundred", Revolutionary Slogan of KPA

For Spanish-speaking People
Direccion General de Mineria de la Zona de Tanchon cumple plan de produccion de enero
Se consolida la base material y tecnica de la industria electrica
Complejo de Maquinaria de Ryongsong impulsa la produccion de equipos pedidos
Direccion de Selvicultura de Phyong-an del Sur avanza en la produccion de entibos

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