October 19. 2023 Juche 112
Russian Foreign Minister Arrives in Pyongyang
Reception Given for Russian Foreign Minister
Premier Kim Tok Hun Inspects Various Sectors
Science Library of Kim Il Sung University Inaugurated
Many Units Win Title of Model Technical Innovation Unit in DPRK
Young Korean People Display Patriotic Enthusiasm at Major Construction Sites
Songchongang Electric Appliances Factory in DPRK Fulfills Its Yearly Plan
Construction of School Uniform Factory and Footwear Factory Propelled in DPRK
Rural Housing Construction Progresses Apace in DPRK
Successes Made in Electric Power Industry
KCNA Commentary on Japanese Politicians' Visit to Yasukuni Shrine
Internet Joint Seminar and Photo Exhibition Held in Brazil

For Spanish-speaking People
Serguei Lavrov llega a Pyongyang
Gobierno de la RPDC ofrece banquete en honor del canciller ruso
Premier coreano supervisa gestiones de varios sectores
Japon se precipita hasta la destruccion final olvidando la leccion de historia: comentario de ACNC

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