February 2. 2010 Juche 99
Kim Jong Il Visits Fishery Station in Kumya
Kim Jong Il Greets Vietnam Communist Party Leader
Inter-Korean Working Contact for KIZ Held
Officials Paid Farewell by Chinese Ambassador
Gift from Peruvian Figure
Kimjongilia Festival Poster Produced
Birthday Stamps Issued
Children's Films Released
Earliest Possible Conclusion of Peace Treaty Called for
S. Korean Authorities Urged to Switch Anti-North Policy
Japan Urged to Redeem Its Past Crimes
WPK's Songun Revolutionary Exploits Lauded
S. Korean Organizations Denounce Criminal Confab
Koreans in US Vow to Move for National Reunification
DPRK FM Statement Hailed in DR Congo
Kim Jong Il's Birthday Celebrated in Russia and India
Kim Jong Il's Birthday to Be Celebrated in Finland
Story of Kim Jong Il

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Jong Il envia mensaje de felicitacion a Nong Duc Manh
Tiene lugar contacto de expertos Norte-Sur sobre la ZIK
Kim Jong Il recibe presente de personalidad peruana
Cuadros coreanos se reunen con el embajador chino
Firma de convenio de paz es la tarea acuciante para desnuclearizacion

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