June 20. 2023 Juche 112
17th National Exhibition of Inventions Begins in DPRK
Symposium on Science and Technology in Field of Hothouse Vegetables-2023
"Complete Collection of Kim Jong Il's Works" Vol. 54 Published
Anniversaries of Maritime Research Institutes Marked
Moving into New Houses in DPRK
Steel Industry Supported in DPRK
River-bed Dredging and Embankment Projects Propelled
Lots of Milk-Powder Production Equipment Supplied to Rural Areas
Foreigners Pay Congratulatory Visit to DPRK Missions
WPK's Leadership Is Science and Victory: Newspapers
Struggle against Traitor Yoon Suk Yeol Staged in Region of Puppets

For Spanish-speaking People
Iniciada la XVII exposicion nacional de invenciones
Efectuado seminario cientifico-tecnico de cultivo de verduras en invernadero-2023
Editado el tomo 54 de "Obras Completas de Kim Jong Il"

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