July 25. 2023 Juche 112
Russian Military Delegation to Visit DPRK
Commemorative Coins to Be Minted in DPRK
Participants in Celebrations of 70th Anniversary of War Victory Arrive Pyongyang
National Art Exhibition Opens
Meeting with War Veterans Held in DPRK
Wartime Song Performance of Youth and Students
Performance Given by Agricultural Workers in DPRK
Performance Given by Trade Union Members in DPRK
Great Feats for Glorifying History of War Victory Forever
Solidarity Meeting to Support Palestinian People Held
Timber Production Boosted in DPRK
New Teaching Methods Created in DPRK
Wheat-processing Capacity Expanded in DPRK
Defeat Suffered by U.S. Imperialists in "General Christmas Offensive" during Korean War
Public Anger at Nuclear War Racket Flares up in Region of South Korean Puppets

For Spanish-speaking People
Visitara a la RPDC la delegacion militar de la FR
Emitidas monedas dedicadas al 70o aniversario de victoria en la guerra
Llegan a Pyongyang los participantes en los festejos del 27 de Julio
Inaugurada la exposicion estatal de bellas artes

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