September 27. 2012 Juche 101
Kim Jong Un Sends Reply Messages
CPRK Blasts Park Geun Hye's Press Conference
Credentials from Kuwaiti Ambassador
Int'l Film Festival Closes
Reception Given for Int'l Film Festival Participants
Results Announced by Jury of Int'l Film Festival
Message from Int'l Film Festival Participants
Chinese Ambassador to DPRK Gives Reception
Chinese Delegation Visits Mangyongdae
Chinese Academy of Sciences Delegation Visits Mangyongdae
Seminar Marks Anniversary Guidance of Military Training of Students
31st Yun I Sang Concert Opens
Papers Call for Giving Full Play to Advantages of Education System
Rodong Sinmun Calls for Embodying Spirit of Changsong Conference
Rodong Sinmun Calls for Increasing Might of Anti-Imperialist Forces
S. Korean Navy's Drills in West Sea of Korea Accused
Signature Campaign for New Education Launched in South Korea
Park Geun Hye's Deceptive Apology Denounced
PSI Blamed for Escalating Military Tension on Korean Peninsula
Koreans in Japan Praise New Educational System in Homeland
Kim Jong Un's Works Introduced by Russian Paper
Kim Jong Suk Praised by Nigerian Organization
Kim Jong Suk Praised by British Organizations

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Jong Un envia mensajes de respuesta a jefes de Estado
CRPP revela astucia de Park Geun-hye
Kim Yong Nam recibe cartas credenciales de embajador de Kuwait
Clausurado el XIII Festival Internacional de Cine de Pyongyang
Periodicos llaman a manifestar la superioridad de sistema de educacion

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