July 12. 2023 Juche 112
Chinese Embassy Hosts Reception
Enlarged Plenary Meeting of C.C., SWUK Held
Workers Move into New Houses in Workers' District, Sindo County
Floral Tribute Paid to Portrait of Smiling President Kim Il Sung
Immortal Exploits Performed by President Kim Il Sung Highly Praised in China
Many Working People Visit Sinchon Museum
Sci-tech Measures for Manuring and Cultivating Crops Taken
Information and Motivation Activities Brisk in Pyongyang Municipality
Brisk Weeding at DPRK Farms
Battle in Osan Area Opens up Prelude to Defeat of U.S. Imperialists
Rodong Sinmun on Leadership of WPK

For Spanish-speaking People
Embajada china ofrece banquete por dia de firma del tratado Corea-China
Sesionada la reunion ampliada del VIII Pleno del VII Periodo del CC de la USMC
Tiene lugar la mudanza a nuevas viviendas en el poblado obrero de la isla Pidan

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