July 18. 2023 Juche 112
Party-member Battalions Launch Construction in Ryanggang Province
Efforts for Copisng with Disastrous Abnormal Weather Brisk in DPRK
Steps Taken in DPRK to Increase Wheat Processed Food Production
Lots of Fry Released
Technical Innovation Tasks Implemented in Coal Industry
Efforts for Reinforcement Brisk at Taean Friendship Glass Factory
Education in Spirit of Victorious Wartime Generation Intensified in DPRK
"Myth" of U.S. Air Force Disproved in Fatherland Liberation War
Rodong Sinmun Calls for Intensifying Mass Movement
President Kim Il Sung Praised by Foreign Personages

For Spanish-speaking People
Batallones de militantes partidistas proceden a la construccion de viviendas en provincia de Ryanggang
Provincia coreana en combate al anormal clima desastroso
Ministerio de Industria Local por aumentar la produccion de alimentos de trigo
Liberan muchos pececillos en el sector pesquero

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