August 11. 2023 Juche 112
National Symposium on Medical Appliances Held in DPRK
Efforts for Protecting Crops from Typhoon
Production of Slow Effective Fertilizer Started in S. Hamgyong Province of DPRK
Production of Efficient Farm Machines Boosted in DPRK
Support to Agriculture Strengthened in DPRK
Successes Made in Sokhwa Tideland Project of DPRK
Production of Fixtures Based on Light Burned Magnesia Launched
Spirit of Anti-Japanese Forerunners Studied by Youth League Organizations in DPRK
Peerlessly Great Man's Feats for National Liberation
DPRK's V-day Observed Abroad
Seminar on President Kim Il Sung's Exploits for War Victory Held in DR Congo
Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Praised by Foreign Personages

For Spanish-speaking People
Efectuado seminario nacional de la rama de aparatos medicos
Provincia de Hwanghae del Sur se esfuerza por proteger las plantaciones agricolas
Entra en operacion la base de produccion del abono de efecto lento en provincia coreana
Producen mucho mas maquinas agricolas

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