September 5. 2023 Juche 112
Session of Permanent Commission of DPRK SPA Standing Committee Held
National Photo Exhibition Opens to Celebrate 75th Birthday of DPRK
Week of Film Show Opens in DPRK
Concert Marks 75th Anniversary of DPRK
Disaster Prevention Campaign Brisk in Railway Transport Sector
Many Graduates Advance into Different Sectors
Progress Made in Harvesting Maize
Production of Juche Iron Increased
Revolutionary Opera "Women of Village on Bank of Nam" Performed in DPRK
Number of Model Technical Innovation Units Increases

For Spanish-speaking People
Abierta la reunion de comision permanente del Presidium de la APS
Inaugurada exhibicion fotografica central por 75o aniversario de fundacion de la RPDC
Inaugurado el ciclo de cine por 75o aniversario de fundacion de la RPDC
Ninos escolares ofrecen concierto por 75o aniversario de fundacion de la RPDC

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