January 31. 2023 Juche 112
More Youths Volunteer for Housing Construction in Capital City
Recycling Technologies Applied in DPRK
Technical Step for Stable Power Supply Taken
Textile Industry Focuses on Raising Quality of Products
Project for Creating Landscaping Propelled
School Construction Brisk in DPRK
Short Courses for Teachers Held
Pyongyang Trolley Bus Factory Remodeled under Care of WPK
New-type Trolley Buses Associated with Devoted Efforts of Great Man

For Spanish-speaking People
Jovenes coreanos solicitan la participacion en la obra de nueva avenida capitalina
Desarrollados en Corea nuevos metodos de reciclaje
Ciudad de Kaesong se esfuerza por estabilizar el suministro de electricidad
Se mejora la calidad de productos textiles

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