April 26. 2023 Juche 112
Wreaths Laid at Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery on Mt Taesong
Concert of Ensemble of Ministry of National Defence Celebrates KPRA Anniversary
Children of Martyrs Visit Korean Revolution Museum
Floral Tribute Paid to Great Leaders
Dancing Parties of Young People
KPRA Birthday Marked in DPRK
Study Tour of Revolutionary Battle Sites in Mt Paektu
Sowing of Rice Seeds Nears Completion
Efforts Focused on Putting Agricultural Production on Modern and IT Basis
Progress Made in Coal Industry of DPRK
River Improvement Project Propelled
Sunchon Thermal Power Plant
Monumental Edifices Shine in History of Inheriting Revolutionary Traditions
Korean Characters Hunminjongum, Treasure and Pride of Nation
Day of Sun Celebrated in Russia
Seminar on Juche Idea Held in Japan

For Spanish-speaking People
Depositadas ofrendas florales ante el Cementerio de Martires Revolucionarios del Monte Taesong
Ofrecida funcion de Conjunto Artistico del MINDEN por el 91o aniversario del ERPC
Hijos de martires revolucionarios visitan el Museo de la Revolucion Coreana
Rinden homenaje al Presidente Kim Il Sung y el Dirigente Kim Jong Il por el 25 de abril

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