January 17. 2012 Juche 101
DPRK Order Awarded to Councilor of Chinese Embassy
AP Delegation Goes Back Home
Law on Management of Seed Crops Adopted in DPRK
Unhasu Orchestra Gives New Year's Concert in Hamhung
Music and Dance Performance Goes on
Delegation of Academy of Agricultural Science Back Home
Revolutionary Poems Produced
Kim Hyong Jik University of Education Takes on New Look
Crown Made with Artificial Diamond
Those Who Hurt Dignity of DPRK Supreme Leadership Deserve Severest Punishment: KCNA
KCNA Ridicules U.S. Trumpeting about "Nuclear-Free World"
Minju Joson S. Korean Minister of Unification's Rigmaroles Slammed
Minju Joson Japan Accused of More Zealously Toeing U.S. Policy
South Korean Authorities Accused of their Measures for Firing Workers
Explosion Sinks Cargo Ship
Profound Mourning of Compatriots in North over Demise of Kim Jong Il
Joint New Year Editorial Supported by Koreans in U.S.
Kim Jong Un's Leadership Guarantees All Victories: Communist Party of Chile
Joint New Year Editorial Introduced by Mexican Organizations
Youth in Capitalist Countries Torn with Corruption and Despair
Gloomy Prospect of Capitalist World in New Year
U.S. Impudent Interference under Fire
Russian FM Warns Japanese Authorities
Russia Rejects Any Military Operation against Iran

For Spanish-speaking People
Parte de Pyongyang delegacion de AP
Otorgada Orden de Amistad de la RPDC a consejero chino
IRP publica informacion sobre clima de pesar en Sur de Corea y ultramar
Aprobada ley de administracion de semillas de cultivos en Corea
Se reanuda la funcion de artistas militares
ACNC comenta la continuacion de pruebas nucleares de EE.UU.

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