January 11. 2012 Juche 101
Kim Jong Un Inspects Construction Projects Undertaken by KPA
DPRK Will Follow U.S. Moves: FM Spokesman
Guinean President on Steady Development of Friendly and Cooperative Relations with DPRK
Condolences to Kim Jong Un from Grenadian PM
Opera Performance Squad of DPRK Comes Back from China
New Year's Concert Inspires All People in Grand March
Performance by KPA Song And Dance Ensemble Goes On
Centenary of Birth of People's Artiste Hwang Chol Observed in DPRK
National Reconciliation, Unity Decisive of Country's Reunification
Rural Communities Busy with Preparations for New Year's Farming
Phenomena Witnessed in Mourning Days (3) Bird Stiffened to Death on Fir Tree Branch
University Students Conduct Socio-Political Activities at Power Complex
KCNA Urges Japan not to Evade Responsibility for Sexual Slavery
Rodong Sinmun Calls for Implementing Tasks Laid Down in Joint Calls
Rodong Sinmun on Revolutionary Faith
Japan's "Three Principles of Arms Export" No More Than Scrap of Paper: Rodong Sinmun
Lee Myung Bak's Rigmaroles Ridiculed
S. Koreans Brand Ruling GNP as Corrupt Party
S. Korean Prosecution Accused of Its Despicable Action
Opposition to Ruling Quarters Grows Up in S. Korea
Aggressor Forces of U.S. and S. Korea on Massive Increase
GNP Tight-cornered Due to Bribery
How Does DPRK Have Such Strong Unity?: Chinese Newspaper
Russian and Nepali Papers Praise Exploits of Kim Jong Il
Mexican Political Parties and Organizations Praise Kim Jong Un as Great Man
Foreigners Express Confidence of Success in DPRK's Cause
Truth behind of Warship "Cheonan" Sinking Disclosed
Hu Jintao Calls for Effective Anti-Corruption Drive
China Rejects U.S. Defense Strategy
China Launches Satellite
Chinese Official Calls for Development of Socialist Culture
Development of Ethnic Regions Urged in China
Trade Unions Urged to Enhance Their Role in China
China Supports Resumption of Palestine-Israel Talks
China Supports Afghan Efforts for National Reconciliation
China Calls for Improving External Publicity
Development of Literature, Arts Urged in China
Russia Develops New-type Strategic Missiles
Indian PM Says Gov't Committed to Bringing in Transparency
Iranian Majlis Speaker Denounces U.S. Alienation and Division Moves
Iran's Leader Clarifies Stand against West's Pressure
Dialogue Only Way to Resolve Iran's Nuclear Issues: Pakistani Senator
Nicaraguan Gov't Will Expand Benefit Program for Poor Children
New Bridge Built in Mexico
Over 7 000 Haitians Died of Cholera in 2011
El Salvador Created Over 50 000 Permanent Jobs in 2011
77 865 kgs of Narcotics Seized in Pakistan in 2011
Protest against High Unemployment in Turkey
Nigeria Strives for Social Stability
Capitalist Society Is That of Immorality and Depravity
Philippines to Grow 5-6 Pct in 2012, Economic Managers Predict
Financial Crisis in Europe
Iran Plans to Set Up Antarctic Scientific Research Base

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Jong Un recibe mensaje de pesame del premier de Granadas
MINREX se refiere a la ayuda de alimentos de EE.UU.
Presidente guineo desea desarrollo de relaciones con RPDC
ACNC comenta crimenes de lesa humanidad de Japon
Rodong Sinmun da por invalidados 3 principios de exportacion de Japon

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