April 17. 2012 Juche 101
Kim Jong Un Has Photo Session
Kim Jong Un Has Picture Taken with Builders of People's Theatre
Kim Jong Un Has Photo Session with Service Personnel of Kumsusan Palace of Sun
Kim Jong Un Greets Syrian President
UNSC's Act to Violate DPRK's Legitimate Right to Launch Satellite Rejected: DPRK FM
Kim Yong Nam Greets Zimbabwean President
Protocol between Governments of DPRK and Russia Inked
Art Performance Given at People's Theater on Its Opening
Meeting of Fund for April Spring Art Festival Held
Joint Performances of ASFAF Given
Russia's Circus Proves Successful in Art Festival
Chinese Acrobats Pleased to Take Part in Pyongyang Art Festival: Head of Circus Troupe
Foreign Diplomats Visit Venue of Kimilsungia Festival
Floral Tribute Paid to Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il by Foreign Guests, Overseas Koreans
Friendly Meeting with Chinese School Delegation Held
Commemorative Stamp Issued in DPRK
"Kim Il Sung's Korea", Special Write-ups to Centenary of His Birth (31)
Kim Il Sung's Works Published in Russia, Nepal
Kim Jong Il's Work Introduced in Ethiopia, Poland
Kim Il Sung Praised by Foreign Political Parties, Organizations
Kim Il Sung's Birth Anniversary Marked in Cambodia
Peruvian National Meeting Marks Centenary of Birth of Kim Il Sung
Kim Jong Suk Pyongyang Silk Mill Introduced by Chinese TV
Foreign Delegations, Delegates Leave for Home

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Jong Un se retrata con constructores del Teatro del Pueblo
Kim Jong Un se retrata con delegados y participantes
Kim Jong Un toma foto con militares de Palacio del Sol de Kumsusan
Kim Jong Un felicita a Bashar al-Assad
MINREX denuncia proceder de Consejo de Seguridad de ONU

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